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weird + swede = sweirde

Yo! I'm Kira (or Kemoki), a 22 year old Swedish & Ecuadorian artist, animator, character creator and professional awkward fool!
Born, raised and living in Sweden.
Apart from my native language, I speak English, Spanish and decent Japanese as I'm studying it on and off since 2015
In a relationship since February 15th 2020
My main characters are Kira the cat, Twix the Mew+Pachirisu hybrid and Ari the inkling!

I mostly draw my original characters, you will rarely see fanart from me.
In my art, you can expect to see cute or edgy furry creatures and Splatoon. Usually in an abstract, colorful or glowy setting! ..And beans, lots of beans!
Very rarely nowadays, I animate small music videos of my characters!
sometimes I also make small animation loops for fun
Been doing my thing since 2009 with no real goals but to enjoy make people smile!
I use Paint Tool SAI for my art and draw with a Wacom Bamboo Capture.
Sometimes I use Procreate on iPad with apple pencil
I animate using Flipnote Studio for DSi and 3DS
Other hobbies I have are sculpting, singing and voice-acting, none of which I post very often

Aside from creative interests, I like fluffy animals, plushies, shiny stuff, video games, obscure and mildly creepy stuff, asian culture and it's history, plants, psychology, almost any genre of music, and a lot more!
Anything sexual is not in my interests, all my pages and art are SFW. However, I do draw mild gore once in a blue moon
I absolutely do not draw anything considered controversial or harmful, and I stay away from things like that as much as possible in general.

I support equality and basic human rights, I do not judge identifying factors and appearence as I believe people deserve to be treated with respect,
Black lives matter, trans rights, LGBT+ rights!
I do not respect toxic behaviour and the obvious bad people such as pedos, zoophiles, racists, LGBTphobes and other discriminatory/unacceptable kinds.
Fuck off my pages if you're one of those.

I'm a very energetic person, as I like to have fun and laugh! I have my head in the clouds and daydream a lot, it helps with art ideas but also distracts me from working... I'm also a very forgetful and oblivious person, often times I don't know what's happening around me.
Due to my anxiety, I’m prone to getting stressed and overwhelmed and I do whatever I can to calm down, which sometimes involves distancing myself for a while.
I'm very shy and silent often, I do not purposely ignore messages, I'm just not very good at holding and keeping up with conversations because of my poor socializing skills
I hope you understand!
However, that doesn't mean you can't talk to me, I like chitchat and getting along with people so feel free to DM me! I'm just warning you I may be slow or forget to respond...

I live with Glaucoma since birth, an eye disease, so my left eye is completely blind and my right eye has poor eyesight and gets strained easily, focusing for too long is not an easy task. Trying my best dealing with depression, severe anxiety/paranoia, autism and such
but here's some fun facts;
I'm very short; 152cm (5 feet)
My voice is oddly childish
I sleep a lot.

I hope that you enjoy my stuff no matter the quality it can be! ^^
If it's not in your interest, I completely understand, have a nice day!

Past usernames: Kerohamuzu2009, ChibiDiamond, SilverTheIdiot, ProudlyWeird, Pallashipai, NotSoDamnSmart, Triple-Umbrella and more unmemorable ones.

Here's websites I'm on, if you see a "sweirde" or "kemoki" on a site not listed here, it's most likely not me unless stated otherwise.

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