Hiyo! I’m Kira, also known as Kemoki. I’m a disabled 26 year old SFW artist, slow 3D modeler, and occasional animator of mostly cute creatures since 2009!I mainly draw my original characters that can be found on my Toyhouse!
You can find Flipnote MVs I’ve made on my YouTube channel, as well as my 3D models on Booth, though new content for these are scarce nowadays.
I don’t draw much fanart aside from Pokemon or obscure characters sometimes.
As for tools, I draw using a One by Wacom on PC with Paint Tool SAI, and occasionally Clip Studio Paint. Also Procreate on iPad!
For 3D modeling, i use Blender.
I'm a very anxious person, I don't involve myself in fandoms and social media so much and interaction can be difficult.
I apologize that I don't talk much...


$10 Blobify comms: Open

Wanna see your character as a blob similar to Cynayn?
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$30 Charity pride beans: open

$20 of the profit from these commissions go directly to LGBTQ+ charities.
MAPs and Zoos fuck off.
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$30 Doodle commissions: Closed

Please read before commissioning

Adding another character doubles the price.
You’re limited to 5 changes to the finished piece, adding more will cost $5 per change.

Will do: any kind of furry or fantasy characters, chibi humans, inklings/octolings, Pokemon/Digimon that aren't complex, gore
Won't do: lewd, fetish, or problematic content, ponies, mecha/armor, anime/non-chibi humans, controversial or hateful things.Please do not send me NSFW reference sheets
I have the right to decline work for any reason.

You can use your commissioned drawing for any non-commercial purpose, please contact me first if you want to use it for merch design.
You are absolutely not allowed to sell it as an NFT.

Payment is either through ko-fi or through PayPal (or Swish if you’re in Sweden)
I don't accept exposure or DA points as payment
Completion time may vary depending on how busy and motivated I am.
I do not do deadlines

Astui Island

About the Island and it's inhabitants
Astui is an island located in the Bermuda triangle on earth, the island consists of spirits from people and animals that have died at a certain age (between 1 - 40 years old) and in the presence of a rare unknown light that guides the person to a trial where they reveal the desires they were unable to fulfill before dying. What creature the humans become is based on their favorite animal mixed with their greatest wishes or passions in life, like having magical powers, exploring sea or space, etc.
The animals who become spirits either stay the same animal with some difference in appearence, or become whole new creatures similar to what they looked like.
In some rare instances, humans that die can become Pokemon, Kirbies or any other species from a video game franchise they were passionate about. There is no way to tell who used to be a human or animal in their past life.
The ones who end up in the island are basically reborn, but they don’t age nor celebrate birthdays, instead a new flower in their gardens grows every anniversary of their stay. Whether they have a garden or not is dependant on if they have a grave in the real world, which a majority of them do.
Depending on the age they died at, they stay on their respective age group, such as child spirits, teenager spirits or adult spirits (in some rare instances; elder spirits)
Adults who end up in Astui are able to reproduce and make spirit children who grow up to be adult spirits.
Good and Dark spirits
When people are reborn into Astui, they are referred to as Good spirits whom the goddess of the island, Angeshi, always brings peace and kindness to and makes sure the harmless wishes they had when they were alive are fulfilled within the island.
However, Dekuma, the devil of Astui, can steal these spirits and infect them into Dark Spirits, making them dangerous to the inhabitants as their wishes become twisted. In some instances, Dekuma can let people in who had harmful wishes in their life into the island, making them Dark Spirits from the start, something that should not be possible as only good people are supposed to be let into Astui.
Being a Dark Spirit doesn't mean they will hurt everyone in their path without reason, but rather they have a twisted view of the world around them and view everything and everyone negatively, which could cause them to feel hatred and in some instances, the need to hurt or possess those who are seen as a threat.People do not become immortal in Astui, while dying of age is not a thing, it is possible to die from other means such a diseases or being killed.
However Angeshi has the ability to give one second chance, but not many are able to get it because she uses it wisely as it drains her powers very quickly. Angeshi needs that power to fight Dekuma and prevent him from harming spirits.
Angeshi is able to cure Dark Spirits who have been infected within the island, but those who were let in by Dekuma should be captured and imprisoned in their own realm for the safety of everyone, which is very hard since most of them hide from civilization.
- Not everyone has the ability to achive magical powers, it all depends on if they at some point wished or fantasized about having such powers when they were still alive
- Every inhabitant’s eyes glow in the dark